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C-BAL World Motorcycle Touring Club

This club is a comunication network for the motorcycle riders all over the world. Let's share and have fun with the wonderful Motorcycle scene together with the riders all over the world. So please post your Motorcycle photos on the Facebook gloup page below!

C-BAL World GP : 2nd round results

1 Lê Quang Đại/Vietnam
2 Masatoshi Matt Kondo/Japan
3 Riccardo Tomatis/Italy
3 Wipoo Patcharawit/Thailand
5 Wahyudi Raja Lontong/Indonesia
6 Riccardo Tomatis/Italy
6 廖凱弘/Taiwan
6 佐々木薫/Japan
9 廖凱弘/Taiwan
9 Bayu Astyawanto/Indonesia

Let's post your motorcycle photos, and have fun competing with wirldwide riders for the reaction number to your post.
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C-BAL World Motorcycle Touring Club
Posts from September 1, 2023 to November 30, 2023 (Japan time)
■Result announcement
December 1, 2023
Post as many times as you like
Number of reactions per each post
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■Winning a prize
Top 3 posters (win prizes)
2 "C-BAL Japan" T-shirts
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