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About "C-BAL Japan"

Philosophy of the Representative

I am a person who loves motorcycles.

For that reason, I worked for Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., for 41 years, and engaged in many jobs such as sales, after-sales service, development, racing, and riding school operations.

Through these jobs, I interacted with many motorcycles and users/riders all over the world, and realized that motorcycles make great value to their lives.

And I felt a desire to spread and share the origins of the attractivity, such as fast, fun, and cool with people all over the world, without being bound job responsibilities.

So after retiring from Yamaha, I started this job of creating clothes that make the riders cool. I will continue to make efforts to make the riders all over the world cool with C-BAL Japan clothes, so please support us.

I also hope that everyone will acquire knowledge and skills for ensuring safety in order to enjoy the benefits of motorcycles to the fullest.

Let's enjoy motorcycle life together!

C-BAL Japan : Koyano, Shinobu

C-BAL World Motorcycle Touring Club

This club is a comunication network for the motorcycle riders all over the world. Let's share and have fun with the wonderful Motorcycle scene together with the riders all over the world. So please post your Motorcycle photos on the Facebook gloup page● below!


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C-BAL World GP

Break time
In a preparation for the next GP

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